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Our Smokey Salt
Hits the Mark

Pyramid Smoked SaltOur brilliant natural Sea Salt is infused with the wonderful smokey flavour of Snow Gum providing a delicate hint of earthiness to the brilliant bite of our rich tasting salt.

Nothing left to chance, our selection of smoke flavour is chosen to give an australian experience to salads and cooking.

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Our Wonderful
Pyramid Salt Range

Pyramid Smoked SaltAs Pyramid Flake Sea Salt is produced from saline water pumped from ancestral riverbeds deep beneath the surface of the earth, it retains valuable elements for your health, such as Magnesium and Calcium.

Our Salt is especially valued by connoisseur chefs for its pure qualities and its unique richer flavour. Above all is its delightful bite.

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We Help Repair
the Environment

Pyramid Smoked SaltPyramid Salt is committed to the environmental management of the Murray-Darling Basin.

When you use Pyramid Salt not only do you use the finest quality salt but by purchasing our salt you are doing your part to help our company’s commitment to the environmental management, sustainability and health of our river systems in the Murray-Darling Basin.

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100% Naturally Australian Owned

All Pyramid Salt comes from the unpolluted ancestral Australian seabeds deep beneath the Loddon Plains in Northern Victoria and retainsMagnesium and Calcium, essential mineral elements for your health. It is totally natural and free from artificial additives.

Unlike most salts which contain additives
and anti-caking agents, our Flake Sea Salt is a
pure product of Mother Nature. It is free
from the bitterness of many table salts and reveals a unique sharper taste to the palate and so less salt is required to achieve the needed bite.

Pyramid Flake Sea Salt is ideal for use in all facets of food preparation and gourmet
cooking. As it is totally soluble, it is supremely suited for stews, soups, spaghetti dishes and casseroles. It is also ideal as a sprinkle for salads and hot veggies.

You can be confident to serve Pyramid Flake Sea Salt as a side condiment - it is so good, everyone will want to pinch a bit...